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Fun interactive maths tuition that creates a desire to learn more about numbers


At Stepping Stone Maths we aim to personalise each session to meet the needs of our students. We work closely with both the child and parents in identifying requirements and we focus on areas in which the student has the potential to improve.

Each session is flexible and designed to work with the student to not only understand the subject in more depth, but to guide them in becoming more confident in their own ability whilst enjoying themselves at the same time.

We believe that Stepping Stone Maths has a teaching style that yields great results; a confidence boost, assistance with mathematical skills and knowledge, SATS preparation and the transition to 'Big School'!  

Session durations are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or a 1 hour time slot. The length of your session will depend on availability, your child, their age and concentration span. Parents choose one or two sessions per week and these are booked one calendar month in advance.

Stepping Stone Maths include the added service of sending number fun at home to each and every student after every session, the completed work is marked and stickered and returned to the child. This ensures some continuity of learning throughout the week and reinforces the knowledge that has been learnt.

Stepping Stones is a relaxed, friendly place to be with none of the traditional school pressures that children sometimes feel.

We very much look forward to chatting to you.

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