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A one week focussed course available during school holidays. All abilities welcome.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

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"Henry has had a great week thank you. His confidence is definitely growing and having sessions with Nicola has helped us tremendously with home schooling. I’ve picked up some tips too to support him! Hoping to carry on even when school is back on. Maths has now become a fun activity for Henry."

"Bradley has just completed the Easter Masterclass and loved every minute...excited when the postman comes with his marked homework and certificate!"

"My daughter who is 6 has developed so much confidence working with Nicola and actually looked forward to each Masterclass lesson in the Easter holidays. Everything they do is planned in such a way that it is really fun and engaging, and whilst she struggles on other Zoom calls she is glued to the screen for the whole time with Nicola.  Thanks so much, you've made maths fun for us all xx"

"My son really enjoyed the Masterclass last week, Nicola makes it so much fun and varied. My son really looked forward to it and I could hear laughter from the other room, in my opinion the best way to improve maths skills and confidence. Thanks again Nicola!"

"Bradley has had a great time with Nicola on this maths masterclass. He has accomplished so much and has kept going during the holidays… especially with the missed schooling during COVID… Stepping Stone Maths has helped fill the gap and keep his brain ticking over! Highly recommend"

"Henry really enjoys the masterclasses run by Nicola. They are always fun but also focus on areas of Maths that are mutually agreed beforehand. Nicola is extremely organised and provides a timetable beforehand so that we know what resources are needed so that Henry gets the best out of the sessions. Most importantly Nicola makes Maths fun and now Henry says it’s his favourite subject."

"Thanks Nicola for another fab maths masterclass the other week. Sophie has actually just asked me when she can do another one. I had worried she might get fed up with lessons during the holidays but you make it so much fun she doesn’t see it that way and enjoys it despite not liking maths all that long ago, thanks x"

"I really wasn't sure how Edie would respond to tutoring over zoom as she can be shy, however Nicola soon put her at ease and I could hear her happilly chatting away. She loved all of her sessions especially fractions as she got to eat lots of chocolate!"

"Holly really enjoyed the Masterclass this summer. It gave her a massive boost of confidence before starting Year 6."

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Your child will benefit from having their very own maths tutor for a whole week over the school holiday. Work is tailored to individual needs and this is suitable for any ability level.
A popular tuition option for school holidays so book early to avoid disappointment.

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Your child will have a daily time slot and will be half an hour per day. This equates to 2.5 hours one-to-one tuition spread over the week.

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Number fun work is set after each and every session. All number fun work submitted, is marked and returned before the start of the next lesson.

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My email address and mobile number is provided for any questions the student may have. Same day response time. This is particularly valuable for those students working towards assessments.



All students who complete the Master Class will receive the Stepping Stone Maths Master Class certificate

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