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I remember when we first met Nicola, I wish we could do that again...I don't want the lesson to finish at 4pm, I want to keep going until 5pm!

Raniyah (Year 1)

I enjoy the number fun at home Nicola, that is why you call it number fun!

Tanvi (Year 2)

I am getting more confident with my maths

Summer (Year 3)

When I praised Holly on her amazing work she replied "that just shows how well you are doing in teaching me Nicola"

Holly (Year 5)

Oh my gosh, I don't have enough room on my paper for Mum's purse coins!

Celeste (Year 5)

I am excited to carry on with our algebra work today, I really like algebra, you told me I would!

Sienna (Year 6)

You want me to measure my pinkie toe?!

Theo (Year 1)

My arm is dropping off because I have written so much, look at all this pink highlighting.
I understand it a lot better now thank you

Holly (Year 5)

That was fun, can we do some more?!

Tanvi (Year 2)

I am going to clap myself on screen as I have done lots of work

Tanvi (Year 2)

This is easy Miss Nicola, we have done harder than this! "
I know what the answer is without doing any workings, I have already done the answer before you asked me Miss Nicola!

Tanvi & Laia (Year 2)

I find maths is easier with you, it is a lot better! I am stitching you something for Christmas, what colour would you like?

Sienna (Year 6)

By the way - my maths is a lot better with your tutoring, my Mum and Dad are really happy, and I am too!

Holly (Year 5)

Nicola's maths is awesome

Henry (Year 2)

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