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Stepping Stone Maths will help guide your child in the preparation for their SATS exams.

In a friendly, relaxed and stress-free environment we will build confidence, learn exam technique, and revise key topics.

This will help your child to remain calm and face the SATS exams head on – all with a smile, knowing they are fully prepared and exam ready.

Each year the Government set SATS exams in Maths, these are taken in the month of May in Year 2 and Year 6. 

There are three Maths papers for Year 6 (two papers for Year 2) and these are marked externally:

Paper 1 Arithmetic (30 minutes)

Paper 2 Reasoning (40 minutes)

Paper 3 Reasoning (40 minutes)

The aim of SATS is to establish how children are progressing in this core subject.

Test results are collated nationally and statistics are derived and published.


Three Superstar SATS courses are available and these are based on past papers. This provides the opportunity to spread learning over the whole academic year (Year 2/6) rather than cramming last minute.


Pamela Bowler:  My daughter has recently studied the Superstar SATS course with Nicola. We received the preview papers in plenty of time for my daughter to work through them. She loved the pencil case and ‘treat’ which she saved as a reward for completing them! My daughter felt a little nervous before the first session but finished it with a beaming smile. She loved the format of the class; it wasn’t too big so she felt at ease answering and asking questions. She commented after them "I feel really confident with my SATS now, I know to read the question and take my time. I am going to do great"! Nicola emailed the papers after the course with her detailed answers and supporting recordings too. We are going to use these for further revision. Thank you Nicola and Stepping Stones, we are actually looking forward to our maths SATS now!

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You will receive past SATS papers.

It is highly recommended your child looks at the question paper and attempts the questions at home prior to the course commencing, this will maximise our 'live' time together.

Please note that children may not yet have covered all the areas of the Year 2/6 maths syllabus at school before attending this course.

My annotated answers and recordings (that you receive after the course has finished) will ensure your child can revisit these topics at a later date.


Small groups
There will be between 1 and 5 students with Nicola, your private tutor

Your private tutor Nicola will go through as many reasoning questions as possible in the time available. 

This time will focus on understanding what the question is asking, recapping the knowledge, learning exam technique, and building confidence.

If time is available we will also look at the arithmetic paper.

Day 2 will follow the same format. 

FORMAT YR 6: 45 minutes (15 minute break) 30 minutes. Total 1.5 hours per day x 2 days=3hours 

FORMAT YR 2: 30 mins (15 min break) 30 mins.

Total 1.25 hours x 2 days =2.5hours

Students Writing on Board
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Valuable materials

You will receive Nicola’s annotated answers to ALL the questions from ALL the papers. 

These will be accompanied by the Government official answers.

You will also receive recordings of every question, debriefed by Nicola. This will give your child the opportunity to review what we have learnt together, this will consolidate knowledge.    

Your child will also receive the SATS Superstars certificate

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