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Available for Year 2 and Year 6.
An alternative to the Superstar SATS face-to-face course.

The Home-SATS-Package is suitable for:
·       Busy children/families who would like to complete SATS learning and revision but do not have the time to commit to pre-arranged face-to-face lesson times.
·       Children who are finding brand new maths topics rather tricky. These are taught from scratch in a lot of detail.
·       Parents who feel they would like to support their child with maths more; core topics are taught and every question is debriefed.
·       Children who are home-schooled.
·       An ideal course for shy learners or those children with social anxiety.


** Approximately 5 hours of recordings giving a full debrief of the three Year 6 maths SATS papers, question by question. (For Year 2 there are two SATS papers and approximately 2 hours of recordings.) We focus on building confidence, learning exam technique, and revising key topics. Due to these being recorded, each question can be watched over and over again until your child is completely comfortable. The recordings can be paused, rewound or fast forward. (A snippit of this can be emailed to you upon request free of charge-well worth a watch!)
** Children receive printouts of the real SATS papers from a particular year. These can be used to make notes as the recordings are viewed (teaching and learning), or your child can attempt the questions themselves before watching the debriefs (teaching and revision).
**  A gift of a pencil case with all the stationary they need to complete the papers.
** Parents are emailed the Government official answers, my email address for queries and my thorough annotated answers. (approximately 90 questions)
** Your child will receive a certificate of completion.

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* 2019 SATS (this was the last official SATS due to COVID)

* 2018 SATS sitting

* 2017 SATS sitting

* 2016 SATS sitting

Students Writing on Board

Just had time to view the recorded snippit, it is very thorough and as you say it's perfect for referring back to or rewinding continuously until it sinks in. I think this would be perfect for our daughter as she does get flustered sometimes face to face. She would be able to go over the questions at the right time for her learning. We would definitely like to purchase your home SATS package. An excellent idea!

Claire Perkins

This product is great! Our daughter Gracie would really benefit from being able to watch the recordings over and over again. She is getting pass marks already in her maths assessments but we would like to give her a bit more SATS revision and confidence. Gracie really enjoyed doing the tutorial. Will definitely purchase please xx

Anita Moss

We are very interested in purchasing the SAT’s package please. How soon can this be distributed? Tilly is very keen to get started and we think it will help her no end!

Donna Jawo

The Home-SATS-Package looks fantastic and we would like to order for Lara please. Great idea x

Gemma Cottrill

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