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Miss Nicola 
Nicola Colman BSc (Hons) QTS CGMA
Founder Stepping Stone Maths & Stepping Stone Accountancy

Primary & secondary lead maths tutor, accountancy tutor.
Enhanced DBS, Safeguarding & PREVENT training.

Qualifications: BSc Maths & Education with qualified teaching status (Loughborough University 2:1), Qualified CIMA accountant, Management Safeguarding, First aid.
Experience: Primary & secondary maths private tutor, accountancy tutor, freelance accountancy author, 7 years in banking, treasury and finance.  

Hobbies: Walking, cycling, reading.

Personal statement: "I love to see my students progress and have fun at the same time. Those 'light bulb moments' in children really motivate me. Creating a passion for numbers and wanting to explore maths further is my aim!" 


Miss Lindzi

Primary Maths and English tutor
Ten years experience in schools, fully up to date with current curriculum
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Enhanced DBS

Qualifications: Level 4 HLTA, First Aid, Safeguarding, Level 2 Disabilities & Special Needs, Level 2 Understanding Autism, Level 2 Children and young people’s mental health, Gymnastics coach.

Experience: Progress Tutor at Loughborough College. Assisting students with their course requirements and supporting them to achieve and complete all aspects of their college experience. My role involves support with mental health and social issues as well as academic support. Previously a practicing HLTA in primary education with ten years experience. Three years 1:1 intervention. Six years group interventions. COVID catch-up groups. Support in the classroom for children with ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia and behavioural issues. SATS experience. Teaching online during COVID school closures. Cover class teacher.

Hobbies: Gymnastics instructor

Personal statement: "Making a child's learning a little more personal and giving them a sense of achievement makes me smile from ear to ear. Every person learns differently and at their own pace so to facilitate that is an absolute pleasure. I still learn something new everyday!"


Miss Becca

Primary Maths and English tutor

Secondary Maths and English tutor (KS3 & KS4 GCSE)

Current private tutor. 

Enhanced DBS, Safeguarding & PREVENT training

Qualifications: Ten GCSEs all grade 9 (including maths, statistics, English language and English Literature). Bronze Duke of Edinburgh. A Level results A*AAB in maths, biology, chemistry & EPQ. My long-term career goal is to qualify as a doctor, as I believe that this will enable me to combine my strong interpersonal and communication skills with my academic ability and strong work ethic. I am currently taking a gap year before Med. School to continue tutoring and further enhance my tutoring skills, study more maths as I love it, and to travel a little. Next year I will be training to be a doctor at Sheffield University.
Experience: Private tutor with 12 current tutees in primary maths & English, secondary maths, English language and literature & science: planning and preparing lesson content that sparks the child’s interest, while targeting the weaknesses that I have identified in their work. Liaising with parents regarding content and scheduling. Tailoring activities to meet the needs of each individual child. One of my current tutees lives in Estonia where English is not their primary language.

Girlguiding Young Leader.

Student Voice Committee: with regard to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues.

Volunteered at events in the wider community: care homes, first aid.

Hobbies: I have a passion for the performing arts, particularly dance and drama.

I have appeared in shows in the town hall and other venues. These activities have helped me to develop confidence, persistence and resilience as well as strong teamworking skills.

Personal statement: "Working with children to help develop their full potential and build confidence is such a rewarding role. I love to learn myself, and I strive to inspire others and create a passion for learning!"

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Miss Jo

Primary Maths and English tutor, Secondary Maths tutor.
Fifteen years experience in schools, fully up to date with current curriculum.
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) with secondary maths specialism.

Enhanced DBS & Safeguarding training.

Qualifications & training: Level 4 HLTA and secondary maths specialism, Safeguarding, Level 3 diploma in support work in schools, Level 3 Information Technology, Level 2 Understanding Autism, Dyslexia, Unified English Braille, Hearing impairment & visual impairment. Personal & social development. 3 A Levels (AAB) 2 AS Levels (BC)

Experience:  Previously a practicing HLTA in secondary education with fifteen years experience. Fifteen years support in the classroom for children with ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, social and emotional needs and behavioural issues. Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Coordinator for 2 years. Three years maths intervention groups. ASDAN groups for years 10 & 11 studying for the bronze award and the personal finance award. One year 1:1 intervention with visually impaired. Year 6 classroom and SATS experience.

Voluntary work: Girlguiding Unit helper, Reader in primary school for years 1,3&4, Social media officer for a local radio station.


Hobbies: Walking & being outdoors, spending time with my lovely family and friends, listening to music, watching films, crafts.

Personal statement: "I love working with children and young people of all ages. I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to explain something that they do not yet understand in a way that helps them to access it. I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn in the way that suits them best and I enjoy being a part of that learning!"

rom Sofia and Stanley.JPG


Peer Mentor - Peer Mentorship Programme

Primary and secondary Maths

Enhanced DBS, Safeguarding & PREVENT training

Qualifications: Ten GCSEs (In brackets are equivalent previous approximate grades for further understanding):

Grade 9(A**): Seven subjects incl. maths and English. Grade 8(A*): Two subjects incl. further maths. Grade 7(A): One subject. 

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh completed. Silver Duke of Edinburgh in progress. 

I am now studying A Level maths, biology, chemistry and completing my Extended Project Qualification (predicted grades A* A*A).


Long-term career goal:  I would like to study medicine at university, become a doctor and progress to become a surgeon. This has been my career aspiration for the past three years. I have invested extracurricular activities relating to becoming a surgeon as follows:

Elite Medics- interactive biology lectures 5 hours a month to consolidate knowledge and give a deeper understanding. MedicMentors- interactive webinars every Tuesday to discuss medical topics


  • Santa fun runs- raised money for Rainbows Hospice numerous times

  • Homeless shelters- collected, wrapped and delivered items to shelters with my family

  • Hampers for Heroes- I ran a marathon in a week and raised over £500 as part of the bronze Duke of Edinburgh award

  • Quorn library- volunteered for 6 months as part of silver Duke of Edinburgh ​

  • I am a peer mentor within my college for a year 7 student. This is 1:1 and face to face. Checking in regarding school progress and any concerns/worries they have.

  • I tutor within my college. The tutoring is group tuition (3:1) once a week and this alternates between year 11 foundation and higher level week by week. 

Hobbies: I have a passion for gymnastics. I have been a gymnast since I was 5 years old and I have competed in county competitions (Won 3 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze medals). This has strengthened my determination, perseverance, and confidence. I am now training to be a gymnastics coach. I also love to read and go to the gym.​

Personal statement: "I am a mature, diligent and professional student with a strong work ethic. I have the ability to adapt easily to new challenges and I aspire to guide and help others in reaching their full potential.  I want to encourage a 'Give it a go' attitude whilst making learning a lot of fun. My aim is to help others in developing confidence as their understanding of maths grows whilst I support them."

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Miss Lauren
Primary Maths and English tutor
Eight years’ experience in schools and tutoring, fully up to date with current curriculum
Qualified Primary School Teacher.

Enhanced DBS & Safeguarding training.

Qualifications: PGCE (Qualified Teacher Status), BA Hons in Photography (2:2 University of Greenwich, London), Two AS Levels (CC), 8 GCSE’s (A - C).

Experience: I was previously a full-time Primary Teacher with eight years’ experience in primary year groups from Year 1 to Year 6. I have a particular specialism in Key Stage 2 that includes Key Stage transition preparation and plugging curriculum gaps, SATs exam preparation, and 11+ schemes of work. Experience working with neurodiverse children with ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and learning & behavioural difficulties each year through classroom teaching.


Hobbies:  I love black & white film photography- in particular, portraiture. Cooking world cuisine is something I enjoy, as well as hiking, yoga, DJing, snowboarding, creative writing, and playing the piano!

Personal statement: “I’ve always been a creative and fun educator, and I believe the key to unlocking learning is getting to know each pupil and discovering how they enjoy absorbing information. When you help a pupil realise their ability and raise their confidence, there is no ceiling to achievement and I am passionate about this as a teacher.”

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Primary & Secondary Maths Tutor
Enhanced DBS & PREVENT training.

Qualifications: Eleven GCSEs all grade 7-9 (including maths, English language and English Literature). A Level results AABB in maths, physics, chemistry & EPQ in space exploration. Bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh. I am currently at Loughborough University studying Civil Engineering. My long-term career goal is to become an astronaut or a space engineer working on rockets.

Experience: I was a prefect and then Head Boy at my secondary school, granting me chances to speak to and work with all ages throughout the school, being a role model and supporting the younger year groups. Part of this involved some in-school tutoring for any students requiring extra support. I am a qualified Level 7 football referee, which when working with younger age groups, is a teaching role in its own respect. I also volunteered as a junior athletics coach whilst completing my bronze and silver DofE awards, setting up activities and showing the children what they needed to do. 


Hobbies:  I go to the gym, play football and I am part of my university boxing club at Loughborough. These activities require commitment and resilience which are traits I hope to pass on. Furthermore, I enjoy gaming and reading to let my imagination run wild.

Personal statement: “The opportunity to teach young minds how to problem solve and work diligently is a privilege. Being able to watch as a child develops their understanding is fascinating and a joy to experience.”

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Primary Maths Tutor
Enhanced DBS, Safeguarding & PREVENT Training.

Qualifications: Ten GCSEs (including maths, statistics, English language and English Literature). Three A Levels in maths, economics and geography. Bronze Duke of Edinburgh. I am currently at Lincoln University studying a Bachelor of Arts in geography and I am going to continue onto PGCE teacher training. My long-term career goal is to become a primary school teacher.


Experience:  I have tutored Kumon maths and English to children from reception up to Year 11 (approximately 400 total hours). This helped promote academic success and offered an enhanced learning experience for children of varying capabilities. Part of this involved working with children with additional needs such as ADHD and autism. I was responsible for helping children prepare for routine and standardised tests, also marking. In school, I assisted in the ‘Right to Read’ scheme where I helped children in the younger year groups with reading, pronunciation and comprehension. I have also volunteered as a basketball coach, coaching children aged 12-15 years in small groups. Teaching small groups is beneficial as sessions can be tailored to individual needs whilst keeping things fun and light hearted and maintain engagement.


Hobbies:  I enjoy playing the guitar, playing basketball and finding new things to cook especially now I have my own kitchen!

Personal statement: “I have always been passionate about teaching as many members of my family are teachers. Through my experience of teaching Kumon and assisting in the Right to Read scheme I know it is what I enjoy and this is guiding my future long-term career. Being part of a child’s learning journey and seeing them grow in ability and confidence and personality is an honour to see. Having a good working relationship between tutor and tutee can really have a huge impact on young people, their motivation, learning and their futures.”

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Primary and Secondary Maths Tutor

Current private tutor. 

Enhanced DBS, Safeguarding and PREVENT training

Qualifications: Eleven GCSEs (8x Grade 9 including maths, 2x Grade 8, 1x Grade 7). A Level results AAAA in maths(Pure/Stats/Mechanics), chemistry, history & economics, also Grade A* in EPQ on chemical water purification.  I am currently at Newcastle University studying chemistry. My long-term career goal is not confirmed at present, but I am very interested in medicinal drug research.


Experience: Private tutor with current & past tutees at primary and secondary level in maths, English & science. I love to share and instil knowledge, also build confidence and inspire children to enjoy learning.

Sports Camp Coach for children aged 4-14 years; organising activities, supervision, communicating with parents regarding progress and wellbeing, working effectively in a team and providing a fun and safe supportive environment.  

Part of the debating society in sixth form.
Eight years of scouting and lots of volunteering for scouts, for example helping with the beavers and being involved in fundraising events.
Involvement in a sports leadership programme in secondary school, a volunteer role to help set up and run sporting activities for primary school pupils.​


Hobbies: I love playing sports and being active, especially netball. I was part of a regional level netball team and now I play for fun while I’m at uni. Furthermore, I enjoy going to the gym and trying different sports like basketball and badminton. As well, I enjoy music and musical theatre and love going to concerts and to the theatre with my friends and family. I’ve even been in a few school musicals myself!

Personal statement: "I love working with children and young people and want to further their understanding in a fun way. I have always loved maths and I want to share my passion and inspire others to love it too. I want to build up my students’ confidence and help them believe that they can do it, even when it’s tricky. I find it very fulfilling that I can help to boost students’ self-esteem and help them to be better mathematicians”

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Secondary Maths Tutor

Enhanced DBS, Safeguarding and PREVENT training

Qualifications: Ten GCSEs (8 x Grade 8 including maths, 1 x Grade 7, 1 x Grade 6). A Level results BBC in maths (Pure/Stats/Mechanics), history, and physics, also Grade B in EPQ on the history of advancements in Formula 1. Currently at Loughborough University studying history. My long term career goal is either to work in finance or to work within International relations.


Experience: I have tutored family members A Level maths. I volunteered as a coach in a youth football team, this involved instructing technique and suggesting useful drills to help the players improve, I needed to ensure the sessions were inclusive and immersive to ensure the players had an enjoyable experience. 


Hobbies: I love watching and playing football. This has helped me develop communication skills. I also enjoy going to the gym.

Personal statement: “I realise the value that support can have in helping young people to flourish within any subject. I especially enjoy maths, and the problem-solving aspect which comes with it, and look forward to helping other pupils develop a similar passion for the subject. Having had inspiring teachers myself, I would love to be able to have the same impact and make the subject as enjoyable as I find it.”

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