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A traditional mathematical tool that I still like to use today, the one I currently use was purchased when my eldest daughter was very young (so approximately 13 years ago!)

Children love the bright colours and sliding the beads.

Used for addition, subtraction, counting on, counting back, numbers up to 100 and the ten times table.


Telling the time

Every Stepping Stone Maths student needs an educational clock.

A clock without glass so we can move the hands to count the hours and minutes :-)

Whatever the age we always have a few sessions on time.

We visit O'Clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to, 5 minute intervals and then at the higher end of Primary more complex bus and train timetables.

I love my most recent purchase, £5 from B&M! Available in a full size working clock without glass or a smaller bell alarm clock!

times tables.jpg

Times tables poster LARGE and small round stickers

An essential piece of equipment for all Stepping Stone Maths students.

In Year 1 we learn the 2,5 & 10 times tables. By the end of Year 4 Government guidelines are that students know all times tables up to the 12 times tables. A real challenge :-)

At Stepping Stones we work a lot on times tables using a variety of techniques: traditional repetition, work sheets, rhymes, memory joggers, finger tricks, active learning and physical activity (invest in post-it notes as well)

Small round stickers are great to cover up those 'learnt' times tables and this builds confidence.

play money.jpg


Play money or real money, it really does not matter, as long as it looks like real money!

I purchased my play money from B&M and it is ideal.

Please check any play money before your child's lesson as sometimes a 2p may be silver and a 10p be bronze - not ideal at all and it causes confusion.

Ideally we will have a couple of each coin to work with.

Raid those piggy banks!

fraction cubes.jpg

Fraction cube towers

Fractions are a particularly tricky topic for all ages.

Colourful, durable, interlocking cubes are perfect for students wanting to explore and compare fractions.

Colour-coded cubes have fractions printed on them so children can easily see connections between different fraction formulas.

Children are able to visualise and get hands-on.

I purchased mine from Amazon.

snap cubes.jpg

Snap cubes

These linking cubes can be used in a variety of educational fun ways to improve fundamental maths & numeracy skills.
We can develop sorting skills by grouping the counters by colours, size, or shape.
Learn about pattern and sequencing by creating a line using different coloured or shaped counters.
Improve numeracy by adding, subtracting, dividing, or multiplying groups of counters.

Mine are red and white but they can be purchased in all different colours.



Stepping Stone Maths is a relaxed environment, we frequently play games to help us with mathematical concepts and we have fun!

'Borrow' a dice from one of your many board games.

Warning! It will probably never find it's way back to the original game!

jazz hands.jpg

Jazz Hands

A fantastic finger trick that helps your child with their 6,7,8,9 and 10 times table.

Make your own! You will need coloured cardboard x 2 (A4 size), scissors and a pen. 

Ask your child to place their hands on the cardboard, palm face down and fingers spread.

Draw around their hands and then cut them out neatly.

Label the cardboard thumbs '10', forefingers '9', middle fingers '8', ring fingers '7' and little fingers '6'.

Label on both sides of the cardboard.


The Essentials

Squared paper/school exercise book with squared paper, pencil, rubber, pen, ruler and scissors.

We use these in every lesson.

Squared paper helps your child to lay out their writing and workings neatly.

Mistakes are prevented...even in the older Years 5,6 and 7.

Teachers will thank you for this :-)



We use dominoes in a collection of games and puzzles.

Just an ordinary set of dominoes


Basket to store Stepping Stone Maths resources

A pretty basket to store all these precious resources together.

I particularly like this one - pretty enough to be kept out, big enough to store all they need....and something for your child to 'own' and be proud of.


A healthy drink and snack

Keeping up those all important energy levels!

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